What I Do

Relevant, original content is very important to getting traffic on the internet today. Businesses need websites that have write-ups about their products, contact information, and resources. Blogs are becoming more and more important for search engine rankings.

The problem is, coming up with an original topic every day, twice a week, or once a week can be difficult. Even when a business owner is passionate about the topic and an excellent writer, they usually have little time to update a blog.

So, businesses can hire people to update their blogs. Most of the time, they hire freelance writers to write web content.

That’s where I come in.

When a business needs to fill their blog with informative, engaging, and original content, I am the one to call. Whether it is about lawn care, teeth whitening, pawn shop treasures, drug addiction or any other topic you can think of, I can write a post about it.

Being a legal secretary, I am experienced in matters that pertain to law. I often take news stories and give them a legal twist for my law firm clients.

But there are many more topics I write about regularly. Not only is research extremely important in what I do, but it is also something I love. In college, I had to write several research papers for my psychology minor. At the risk of exposing my nerdiness, this was hands-down my favorite college experience.

That’s it. That is what content writing is all about for me. There are some tricks about SEO, headlines, sentence structure, and more that I have learned along the way, but I won’t get technical on the first blog post.